rewrite your rules to live in a way that supports who you really want to be.


I’m ready to step it up.

I want to re-engage in my career.


My priorities have changed.

I’m ready to realign my career
and personal goals.


A transformation is under way.

I’m ready to reinvent myself!

let’s work together

What kind of partnership am I looking for?

Career-minded mums

We strive for and often achieve success in our dual roles at work and at home. Yet we’re still trying to find meaning and well-being personally and professionally as we yearn to develop our potential.

Let’s work together to re-write the rules of your life to support who you want to be.

that’s me

People-centered Organisations

Our talented people are our greatest asset. Many of them return from a long break keen to re-engage, but seem disconnected, distracted or stretched. Myriad programmes exist to support women returning from leave, but we know a one-to-one approach will make the difference. A return to work is an opportunity for your organisation and your employees.

that’s me

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happy clients

I couldn’t recommend Patricia’s coaching enough. A few sessions with her made me understand and clarify my goals, not only in my personal life, but in my professional career too.
Elisa, Executive Director, Goldman Sachs Asset Management
I believed from our very first meeting that Patricia could and would help me achieve my desired outcome. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and her ability to probe and ask the questions that I didn’t want to face is amazing and unintrusive, getting me to the place I am today.
Siobhan, Executive Assistant, Booz & Company
“Patricia asked me the right set of questions which made me realise what I wanted after two maternity leaves — a change in career but not a step back from my career — and helped me formulate the steps I needed to take. I now have a new role and a new zest for what lies ahead.
Laura, Head of Strategy, FTSE 100 Retailer
Working with Patricia has been incredible, she’s a very skillful and intuitive coach. She’s helped me to remain calm and trust in my own abilities when I was going through a major transition in my life. I had just left my corporate career to start up my own business and her support as well as her belief in me has been invaluable.
Iris Louwerens, Career Change & Startup Coach, London
Patricia was extremely client focused and professional in her approach, but also perceptive and thoughtful. She quickly established rapport and trust, and provided just enough intervention to keep me on track but making sure actions sat with me. I now have more self confidence and an affirming and positive focus.
Claire, HR Director from the Public Sector, and mum of two small children
I now look at this as an extremely exciting and promising time of my life, where having a career doesn’t mean giving up spending quality time with my children and being there when they need me.
Elisa, Executive Director, Goldman Sachs Asset Management
Patricia helped me to believe in myself and know how to silence the “chatterbox” in my head. Since working through my negative thoughts and doubts, I feel more alive and sure of myself and my future. Anyone who is experiencing life changes decisions or emotional issues would benefit greatly from working with Patricia.
Siobhan Connolly, Executive Assistant, Booz & Company
Being a former consultant and a mother of two, Patricia totally understands the pressured environment I am used to and the effect this has on your way of thinking. I cannot recommend her highly enough, especially if you are looking for a sounding board and for some practical advice at a key turning point in your career.
Laura, Head of Strategy, FTSE 100 Retailer
I honestly don’t think I’d be where I am now if I wouldn’t have had her by my side. Patricia’s style is warm, authentic and straight from the heart. She’s excellent at spotting limiting beliefs and encouraging me to adopt more empowering views to boost my effectivity and success.
Iris Louwerens, Career Change & Startup Coach, London
Career minded women or people at a crossroads more generally will benefit from working with Patricia.
Claire, HR Director from the Public Sector, and mum of two small children