coaching is about you.

It’s your agenda. Your values. Your commitments.
Your actions. Your results.

You want to know what you can expect from coaching.
But I imagine you’ll also want to know

a bit about me.

who am i?

I am — and always have been — passionate about helping others discover their unique strengths and develop their potential.
I know from experience that we create much more together than we can imagine on our own, and I believe in the power of the creative process and empowering questions.
I trust that we we have been brought together for a reason — and that we have the opportunity to embrace the chance to live purposefully, joyfully and meaningfully.
I absolutely know that when you connect to your inner inspiration and learn to trust yourself to leverage your strengths — the gifts that come naturally and easily to you — it will translate into the exciting and fulfilling vision you dream of.
I am infinitely curious — about you, your experiences and what makes you tick. This translates into a warm, open, non-judgemental coaching environment where you feel safe and can be truly honest with yourself.
Patricia Erhardt-Lewis
Patricia Erhardt-LewisCoach and Consultant

what makes me the right coach for you?

I am experienced

15 years of coaching and collaborating with people in a variety of organisations

My Career

has given me a wealth of real-life, relevant and rich experiences that have informed my appreciation for myriad perspectives on the idea of success.

I am knowledgeable

I have my MSc in People and Organisation Development from Roffey Park

My Expertise

includes a concentration on facilitating leadership team effectiveness and a dissertation on developing individual potential.

I am

I am an ICF Credentialed Coach (ACC), certified through iPEC

My Credentials

are recognized among coaching professionals worldwide (ICF) and specifically tailored to fit my strengths and skills (iPEC).

I get it

My life experiences help me identify with the myriad situations my clients are going through.

I Can Relate To You

through my experience with 2 young boys, a previous career in organisational consulting, an international move, having had a stroke – then undergoing a complete health and lifestyle transformation.

why did i become a coach?

My decision to become a coach was influenced by what I loved about my career thus far, the out-of-the-blue stroke, the experience of my subsequent health transformation, and connecting with my new values and priorities.

  • Being faced with my mortality brought things into perspective: if I’m going to spend time away from my family, the work I do will have meaning and impact.
  • I recognised I was experiencing extreme stress simply because the way my work had evolved and the way my values and priorities had changed, they were not aligned anymore. That had to change primarily to protect my health and to be able to continue to care for my family in the way I wanted to.
  • With valuable help from my work colleagues and friends, I noticed where my strengths and skills really were — in working directly with individuals.
  • It did occur to me to stop working entirely and focus on my children. But there’s a significant part of my identity that was thriving when I returned to work and something would be missing. I decided to honour that significant part of who I am and find a way to feed that part of my identity.
  • I was lucky to work with a range of professionals and experts during my recovery who acted almost as a team of coaches. Their mix of support and challenge enabling me to set and achieve goals had a huge impact on my new identity and mindset change. I started wondering how I could play that kind of role for others.
  • In my experience, mindset change is critical to make any kind of outward change in nutrition, fitness, career, stress levels, environment, relationships with my children or husband.
  • Coaching is about mindset change, bringing out the best in people, goal-setting and acting on a plan. While focusing in on one area of life, such as career or health, changes also happen in other areas. It encompassed everything I had experienced and valued myself over a couple of years, and I saw the impact first-hand.
  • Imagine what the world would be like if people started connecting with their values and passions and living authentically? That’s the impact I would like to have while I’m here.

what is it like to work together?

You are unique. Coaching is about your experiences, not mine or anyone else’s. I won’t tell you what to do or spend our time telling you what worked for me.
The whole point of working together is for you to clarify and achieve your goals. It’s about your agenda, and that will drive our time together.
I get confidentiality: I am committed to upholding the ICF Code of Ethics. And having spent many years working in highly confidential client environments, I know the value and importance of confidentiality, data protection and anonymity. The fact that you’re working with a coach is as private or public as you want it to be. I don’t share details with anyone about who I’m working with. Clients who have provided their testimonials have done so with direct and specific permission.
We agree together a contract specific to enabling you to achieve your objectives and outcomes. It’s clear from the outset where we are going and how we will get there. We agree together when objectives and outcomes might change, and I provide the structure, process, tools and accountability to enable you to drive and act on your agenda.
I am committed to constantly developing my skills and acting on feedback, and I continue to work with my own coach.
My style is sensitive and gentle but firm and direct. I will challenge you if I detect limiting beliefs, assumptions, interpretations or inner chatter that might be holding you back.
I trust you to bring your honesty and commitment to working with me.

where do we work together?

I coach clients in and around London and also via phone and Skype. Near the Thames and off the A316 it’s quite easy to get to Twickenham by car or fast train from London Waterloo.

Let’s talk. We’ll find a time and place that works for both of us.

what do i offer?

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