birth. motherhood. career. relationships.

It’s a time of overwhelming excitement and fear, love and confusion, inspiration and worry.
It can also be a time of intense re-evaluation and really discovering who we are.

Most of all, it’s a time of incredible opportunity to re-write the rules of our lives in a way that supports who we really want to be.

A change in one role or an event in our lives – such as becoming a mother, having another child, or experiencing a life-changing health event – is like a drop in a pool of water. It impacts who we are, what we think, how we feel…  and who we want to be in our other roles in life. Maybe not what we expect, that impact can become an opportunity.

Having experienced my own ripples – some planned and predictable, and some out of the blue and unwelcome – I’m passionate about working with other women who find themselves experiencing their own waves of change and opportunity – or wanting to create some and discover where they lead.

I’m really excited you are here! Please take some time to get to know me here, and please do connect with me. I’ll be blogging here weekly, and would love to start a conversation with you – here or in person – about recognising our opportunities, managing the myriad influences on how we think and what we feel, balancing our commitments and priorities, and making choices within all of that while staying true to our passions and values.

I’ll share my thoughts and ideas here. I am eager to read and hear yours.