“It feels so good to achieve something!” I nearly shrieked at the trainer in the gym. I’ve had a goal for a week to increase weight I’m lifting in my favourite class… and tonight I did it! The numbers don’t matter – I’m sure if I compared them they’d seem paltry to some and eye-popping to others, so why bother with that? The main thing is I got there. This sense of achievement is what it’s all about.

As I skipped home earlier with a ginormous grin on my face, I thought about how powerful this feeling is – and how much I’d love to bottle it up and share it.

Looking back on it, the amount of weight doesn’t seem as significant now as it did before I lifted it. But it was a milestone, a target, a hurdle, a Thing to Achieve, a Mountain. I’d really built it up in my mind.

I got myself so nervous. So I got centred before the class. That helped a lot, and I think it made the achievement that much sweeter: I was very clear about my intention for the class, my jitters told me how important it was to me, so I was able to be focused in that moment – and now feeling really pleased with myself.

Of course, this tiny step is part of a much bigger, longer-term set of goals, and all part of a multi-faceted approach to balancing my priorities. Had I been focused on that Great Big Plan, or on the results I’d like to see in the next few months, I might have thought one little workout in the big picture doesn’t matter, or conversely, become overwhelmed and skipped the gym in favour of an early night. Then I would have been vaguely disappointed with myself.

But this small achievement is so much more fun! And all I had to do was show up.

The best part was sharing it with someone. I bounced down the stairs with the trainer jabbering on in my excitement. I wanted her to benefit from the moment just as much as I did and know that she’d achieved something too in helping me get there with her energy, motivation and acknowledgement.

So now more sharing, and I really hope you too can find some of this energy this week.

What has become a Mountainous Milestone in your mind? Can you leap that mountain in a single bound? If not, what’s the smallest first step you can take this week? It will feel so good to achieve it!

Who can you share this moment with? Who can help you clear that hurdle or move that mountain? How will it feel when you share that achievement?

Would you like help finding some of this energy? Get in touch!