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Whether it’s about facilitating a smooth return-to-work or managing the complexities of conflicting personal and organisational values, priorities and agendas — or anything in between, creating the best future for talented employees in a people-centred organisation requires a personal touch.

With a background in people and organisation development, I work closely with HR Directors and your talented people to align values, goals and actions. When we discover there is no alignment, we identify and work towards the best outcome for all involved.

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what can i expect?

Coaching is about results. I can help you smooth the sometimes bumpy roads experienced in times of transition when your talented employees — who are also parents — are going through life transitions.
As a consultant operating in many different industry environments, I have worked within various cultures, enabling me to relate to different pressures and organisational drivers influencing the relationship with employees. This allows me to accelerate clients’ identification of their true challenges. My experiences as both a talented employee returning to work and an HR professional dedicated to increasing the effectiveness of the organisation helps me understand the balance.
An independent coach brings an objective viewpoint with action-oriented outcomes. In a fast-paced, high-pressure environment, I recognise clients’ busy and limited schedules, while balancing an organisation’s priorities to get your talented people performing. Coaching sessions end with clearly defined, realistic and achievable action plans. Throughout each session, we identify potential internal and external barriers and deal with them, enabling clients to feel completely committed to, and capable of, following up on tangible actions right away.
Sometimes organisations are so focused on reducing risk, the opportunity to maximise potential is lost. By exploring the match (or mismatch) of values and expectations there is potential to improve relationships between you and your employees, reduce inherent ambiguities and make the best of everyone’s time during the ramp-up or return-to-work period.
As an ICF member and student of IPEC’s ICF-accredited coach training programme, I adhere to the ICF code of ethics. With over 15 years of consulting with international organisations in areas such as leadership development, change management, employee motivation and engagement, people strategy, career development and culture change, plus an MSc in People & Organisation Development, I bring a depth of knowledge, experience, curiosity and passion for discovering individuals’ strengths and developing their unique potential as a way to develop an organisation’s capability in pursuit of its business goals. With my career history, I understand performance-oriented work environments, organisational agendas, pressured timeframes, and urgency. As a former HR Professional, I value discretion and confidentiality, as well as being results-focused.

we will work together to:




why your return-to-work programmes haven’t been as successful as your business requires


programmes and employees

Create a bridge

between your return-to-work programmes and your talented employees




what a true win-win looks like for you and your employees


and achieve

Determine and execute

a tangible action plan to achieve those benefits

if your return-to-work programmes aren’t achieving the results you want, let’s talk.


Align your organisation with your talented employees

Let's work together to bridge your personal and professional values, priorities and agendas!