“How was your weekend?” – it’s got to be the most-asked question on Monday morning, usually accompanied with a wistful sigh that it’s over and we’re back into the week exhausted already. How often are we unable to recall what we did on the weekend?

Oh, I’m guilty of letting the memory of a weekend fade away into oblivion by Monday morning, which makes me wonder, what did I actually do with my weekend? I was alive and breathing, eating and sleeping, socialising and childcaring… but how conscious was I throughout all of that? And how well was I honouring my values and working towards my overall goals?

This week, some fellow small business owners and I were challenged by Liz Lugt, a Blue Acorns mentor to think more proactively about how we use our weekends and evenings. So often we are collapsing into our weekends, using them to recover from the previous week. Liz challenged us: What could happen differently if we actually used them to set ourselves up for the week ahead?

Living in Chicago in my twenties I had an incredible flatmate who cleaned the flat every single Friday evening before going out and starting her weekend. I truly appreciated her housekeeping and marvelled at her discipline and tidiness, but I couldn’t imagine ever taking time between rushing home from work and racing out the door to embrace the weekend’s adventures. I now understand more about how that set her up well for the weekend and week ahead, honouring her values and making space for her to truly relax.

What a mindset shift from slouching into Friday night, collapsing into a large glass of wine and putting off everything until late Sunday night inevitably causing the Sunday Grumps… to stepping into the weekend in choice and with purpose. I feel more clear-minded, refreshed, productive and healthy just thinking about it.

So how to step purposefully into the weekend? For me, it’s pretty practical: a half-hour appointment with myself on Friday morning to review:

  • my goals (self, family, career – all of them) and values and just sense-check alignment of what I have planned vs. what I am aiming to achieve – how am I spending my energy? Who am I surrounding myself with? What might need to change?
  • how have I created balance throughout the weekend between time for myself (both mind and body), my kids, my husband, family, friends, work? What adjustments would help me find my balance?
  • what does next week look like? What might I shift now to keep my energy and stress levels where I want them? Where might priorities conflict and how can I mitigate those now? Have I given myself the time and space to feel prepared and able to deal with the unexpected? What do I want to progress over the weekend to have a great week?
  • where might I need help from others? What do I need to share with or know from my husband or others to smooth the ride of the next 7 days?
  • how do I want to feel as I fall asleep on Sunday night? What thoughts do I want to have about the week ahead? What can I do to get there over the next 72 hours?


As the sun sets on Friday, I encourage you to step into your weekend. What does this mean to you? How will you make the most of it? And what will your answer be to the inevitable Monday morning question?

(I’m sure this idea belongs to a time management / productivity guru, but my internet searching did not shed any light on the source. I’ll update the post when I find a reference.)