When I pick the boys up from school I try to ask them different questions besides, “how was your day?”. This afternoon it was, “Tell me about 3 great things that happened at school today.”

Before my older one had a chance to take a breath, my 6-year-old jumped in to tell me 3 different things his teacher told him he had done well today, and he was getting really excited about working towards getting the gold tie of the week. Then he said,

“I’ve already started having a good day tomorrow!”

The car was silent as I digested this. His statement really struck me. What a mindset shift. Not only has he decided to have a good day tomorrow, but in his mind it’s already happened! Never mind the time travel potentially involved here, what I’m excited about is that he’s already visualised his future and himself in it. He’s described a positive space in time he already inhabits. I’m so curious about how the rest of the week plays out for him. To be honest, the rest of his afternoon was great – full of energy, creativity, humour and willingness to put in an effort and help out.

Later on in a rare quiet moment this evening, I meditated on that thought for myself and noticed a few things:

  • I feel brighter.
  • My shoulders and chest relaxed and breathing is easier.
  • I feel more positive and hopeful about tomorrow.
  • My furrowed brow cleared (didn’t realise I was frowning till I felt those muscles relax!).
  • My mind feels more open and clear.
  • The early morning wake-up I’ve planned seems possible and the thought of it gives me energy and doesn’t feel like the heavy drag it did when I originally planned it.

I plan to try this out again tonight before I go to bed – and for the rest of this week – and notice how each tomorrow goes.

What happens in your body and mind when you tell yourself, “I’ve already started having a good day tomorrow”?

What happens tomorrow if you’ve told yourself that the night before?