I believe an inspirational thought lies within each of us. A thought that – when we truly believe it – will inspire us, quiet our self-doubt, make us stop and be conscious of our beliefs, and spur us to action.

It may be something you currently believe to be true that lies just under the surface in your confident, active moments. It may be something you aspire to and wish you could hold in consciousness more often. It doesn’t need to be The Truth, but just to be true for you.

This morning I read a short article by Harriet Minter via The Guardian Women in Leadership community describing how Harriet Green, CEO of Thomas Cook and 2014 Veuve Clicquot Businesswoman of the Year has hung her own inspirational quote on her office wall. Minter points out the self confidence and self belief reflected in Green’s decision to inspire herself with her own quote – and probably reminds her of those feelings every day.

In my younger days I displayed others’ quotes everywhere – my walls, notebooks, scraps of paper… written on the backs of my hands. Reminders of who I wanted to be. Even now I’ve got a reminder on my desktop currently spurring me to action:


… and absolutely loving Maya Angelou’s thoughts arranged here, particularly on change, perseverance, kindness, common ground, individuality and wellness.

When I am able to let go of self-judgement (am I clever enough? are my thoughts deep & meaningful enough? will others think I’m silly?), I can think clearly and connect with that part of myself that believes powerful things. When I do, I feel good, I feel active and engaged. In my 40s, I’ve got some experience behind me to express an idea that leads me to powerful action.

Here is mine (chalked up on my office wall):

I set family, career & wellness goals – and I achieve them.

It’s simple. It may not be earth shattering, and it’s no Maya Angelou. But it works for me. When I remember that I am this person and why it means so much to me, I instantly connect to the feelings of achievement, freedom, excitement, curiosity this thought brings me, I feel I can do anything. It reminds me of what I love about me… and especially about what I love about working with my clients. What a great place to start and end a day.

I know each of us has a thought, a belief that connects us to our selves – to our core values, to who we are, to who we want to be.

What is yours?